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Established in 1997 - Celebrating Our 20th Business Anniversary

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Claireville Fast Mobile Locksmith Service

We provide fast mobile Locksmith service in Claireville. Our trained locksmith technicians are available to take your call 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. We provide quality service to residential, commercial and auto sectors. Our A+ BBB rating and 20 years experience are your assurance of quality and expert workmanship. Our mobile locksmiths are standing by right now to respond to your emergency calls fast. Let us resolve your lock and security issues and put your mind at ease. We offer peace of mind.

We Get Your Home Or Business Property Unlocked Fast

Is a lock malfunction or broken key locking you out? We arrive fast in Claireville to get your door open for you. Locked out of your home? Our attending locksmith must see your government issued identification before work commences. ID must have address to be opened on it. Business owner must show recent lease agreement and valid drivers license.

Locksmith Claireville Speedy Emergency Door Lock Rekey

We respond fast in Claireville to your request to rekey your home or business locks. Does someone have your key? Have you lost your key? Do you need help quickly? Our locksmith service arrives fast to help secure your property. When the lock rekey process is completed, we guarantee that anyone who had a key will not be able to use that key to gain entrance to your property.

Some of the services provided to Claireville:

  • Deadbolt and Key In Knob supply and install.
  • Storefront Commercial aluminum door service.
  • Keyed alike and rekeyable padlocks sold and serviced.
  • 100% Client Satisfaction Guarantee.
  • 20 years experience serving Claireville and the GTA.
  • Regular rates 7 days a week from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM.
  • Reliable friendly service with affordable rates.
  • 20 minute emergency in Claireville.
  • Lock rekey, lock repair and lock replace service.
  • Broken key and stuck key removal service.
  • 24 hour Claireville emergency response.
  • Home, business and auto opening.
  • Sheriff & Bailiff assisted rental property lockout.
  • Residential & Commercial rental property lockout.
  • Commercial and Residential lock supply and install.
  • Claireville professional mobile locksmith.

About: Our 20 Years Experience Serving Claireville And the Toronto Area

We have provided mobile locksmith services since 1997. When you call us for service you can expect professional, expert and quality workmanship which is reflected in our 20 years service experience and our A+ Better Business Bureau accredation. We get the job done right for you every time. 100% customer satisfaction guarantee.

Did The Lock Cylinder Plug Come Out Of Your Lock Along With The Key?

Springs and lock parts flying all over the place? Before this happened it was likely difficult, if not a real struggle to get your key out of the lock. For the most part, we can usually put your lock back together for you. We do carry a good stock of replacement springs and pins and can have it repaired fast for you. If your lock is heavily worn we can also replace it for you.

Protect Your Home During Your Vacation

  1. If you have a house sitter, leave a spare key with a trusted neighbour in case your house sitter gets locked out
  2. Buy a safe that is at least 100 pounds in weight and store all your valuables including your personal information away from prying eyes
  3. Have someone collect your mail and newspaper daily (or stop newspaper delivery while you are away)
  4. Get a friend of family member to cut your lawn every 3 to 4 days
  5. If you have Neighbourhood Watch in your area, inform them when you will be away so an extra watchful eye or two will be on your property
  6. Have a Professional Locksmith assess your property security before you go on vacation
  7. Get someone to check on your property at least twice a day
  8. Have someone turn your TV on during the evening hours on a daily basis
  9. You could hire someone to house sit while you are away

Purchased A Home In A Safe New Development? It May Not Be As Safe As You Think!

We have recently attended several calls where a home in a new development had been broken into. There were no signs of forced entry and when we disassembled the front door lock we found master pins in the lock. Master Pins allow more than one key to operate the lock. We surmise that a key was used to gain entry. When a builder develops a new community they usually have the front door of every house master keyed. The master key is given to their Contractors and Sub-Contractors to gain entry usually to most front doors in the new community. Developers have these locks master keyed so that they only have to keep track of a single key. Convenient for them but not so safe for the new homeowner. There are unscrupulous contractors and sub-contractors out there. When you purchase a home in a new development have your locks rekeyed by a Professional Locksmith and help keep your family and property safe.
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