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Have A Late Night Lock Emergency in Cliffcrest?

Has your lock stopped working and you are locked out? Did you lose your keys or were your keys stolen and you need your locks changed? Did you break your key off in the lock because it was hard to turn? Your key was working fine but now it doesn't work at all? With our 20 minute Cliffcrest emergency response, we can arrive fast to help fix all of these problems for you. Fast, reliable Cliffcrest lock emergency service.

Need A Fast Emergency Lock Rekey?

Does someone have the key to your home or business that shouldn't? Did you give the key to someone that you thought you could trust? Are you and your significant other about to divorce or part ways and you need to restict property access to the other? Do you need a fast emergency lock rekey by a Professional Locksmith Service? We respond fast to emergency lock rekey situations in Cliffcrest. We can help secure your property fast. 20 minute emergency Locksmith response. Just call and help is on the way.

Some of the lock services we provide to Cliffcrest:

  • 100% Client Satisfaction Guarantee.
  • Cliffcrest fast professional mobile locksmith.
  • Residential & Commercial rental property lockout.
  • Home, business and auto opening.
  • 20 minute emergency response to Cliffcrest.
  • 24 hour Cliffcrest and GTA emergency response.
  • Lock rekey, lock repair and lock replace service.
  • Mailbox unlock and lock replacement.
  • 20 years experience serving Cliffcrest and the Toronto area.
  • We remove broken key and stuck key in your lock.
  • Storefront Commercial aluminum door service.
  • Keyed alike and rekeyable padlocks sold and serviced.
  • Regular rates daily between 9:00 AM and 5:00 PM.
  • Sheriff & Bailiff assisted rental property lockout.
  • Deadbolt and Key In Knob supply and installation.
  • Reliable friendly service with affordable rates.

Have A Weiser Grip Set That Is Loose On Your Front Door? We Can Fix This Problem Fast!

Lately, we have had a lot of client calls where a Weiser Gripset has become loose on a client's front door. (Gripset Description: Usually a decorative handle that is installed on a house front door. It has a long handle and operates by depressing the thumbpress associated with the lock.) With the recent lock design, the screws that sandwich the front and back of the lock to the door are not visible. Many clients expect that it is replacement time. This is usually not the case. In most instances we can re-asemble this lockset and have it function properly again. Our speedy lock service can have this lock back together and functioning properly.

Cliffcrest 20 Minute Emergency Locksmith Response

If you have a lock emergency in Cliffcrest we can help fix your problem fast. Speedy 20 minute emergency service to your area. Broken lock, broken key, stuck key, locked out. We can help you fast. We provide fast lock rekey and lock replace services. Call now and help is on it's way.

We Provide Commercial Residential & Auto Locksmith Services

You can rely on Locksmith Cliffcrest to provide fast, efficient and reasonably priced locksmith services to your area. We offer speedy commercial, residential and auto mobile locksmith service at low prices. Let us serve your security needs today.

The Top 10 Reasons To Have Your Locks Rekeyed

  1. Less expensive than replacing your locks.
  2. Helps protect your hard earned belongings from theft.
  3. Restricts access only to those who are supposed to have it.
  4. Almost anyone could have the key.
  5. Safeguards family and loved ones from intrusions.
  6. Avoids the difficulty of matching the new lock finish to other existing hardware on the door which may be weather tarnished.
  7. Contractors have front door locks Master Keyed for their own convenince. That way they only have to hand one key out to their Sub-Contractors to gain entry, usually to every house in the new development. Your front door lock could be Master Keyed. This means that up to 32 different keys could operate your lock.
  8. Locksmith Cliffcrest Mobile Lock Service will come right to your front door to perfom a lock rekey.
  9. When changing staff members at a place of business.
  10. Provides a new homeowner with peace of mind.

Break-In To Steal High-End Auto Keys

We have attended several calls where thieves had gained access to a home while the family slept in order to steal the keys to high-end autos. In each instance the homeowner had left their keys in close proximity to their front door. If you have a key rack by your front door it's an invitation to thieves. When you go to bed take your keys to your bedroom with you. Leave no keys in plain view or on the main floor.
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