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CX5 High Security Locks | Locksmith Toronto

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Locksmith Toronto Sells CX5 High Security Locks & Lock Cylinders
Weather you require a higher security lock with key control for your home, office or storefront place of business, Locksmith Toronto can supply CX5 High Security Lock Cylinders for every application you have.
A Copied Key Is One Of The Most Common Ways That Your Home Or Business Security Can Be Breached

CX5 Exploded View of Mortise/Rim Cylinder Many locks found on the market today can be drilled or picked open and keys can be duplicated at just about any corner store. CX5 cylinders use "Patented Key Technology" and the lock cylinders are protected by hardened pins that are much more resistant to drilling, picking and other types of attacks. Only an authorized dealer can duplicate keys for you. The key owner is issued a "Control Card" at the time of purchase. This card must be presented to a Locksmith Toronto staff member prior to the duplication of any keys. With CX5 you have complete and total control over the amount of keys that exist which can operate the locks on your doors.

CX5 High Security Lock Cylinders contain pick-resistant mushroom pins which makes it more difficult to pick the lock open. A sidebar is used to keep the cylinder plug from turning until the proper key is inserted making it that much more difficult to defeat.

To the right you can see an exploded view of a CX5 Mortise/Rim type lock cylinder. The CX5 is also available as a standard type lock cylinder used in applications like standard deadbolts and Key-In-Knob (handle) locks.
  • Managed Key Control - Patented Design - Geographically Managed.
  • Enhanced Attack Resistance - Protected By Hardened Steel Pins. 6 pin design.
  • Multiple Locking Points - 5 Side pins must be aligned to release sidebar.
  • Flexible Designs - Fits many different types of locks from various manufacturers.

CX5 Mortise/Rim Cylinder
CX5 High Security Available For Most Applications

The CX5 is suitable in Residential, Commercial, Institutional and Industrial settings.

CX5 security cylinders can replace existing cylinders and fit most applications that require enhanced security and/or key control. In many instances, entire locks need not be replaced as currently installed locks can be upgraded by simply replacing the cylinder.

Multiple locations using door hardware from many different manufacturers can be brought under one flexible key system that would significantly increase property security.

A broad range of CX5 cylinders are available for most applications. These include but are not limited to deadbolt, handle and lever handle type locks. Mortise and Rim Cylinder styles. Rekeyable style of Padlocks as well as Interchangeable Core Cylinders.

Patented Key Technology With Security Groove And Sidebar
The CX5 lock cylinder has a security groove with a sidebar. The sidebar is a secondary locking mechanism and is released when the spring-less side pins are aligned by the security groove in the key. This feature makes the lock cylinder resistant to picking and bumping. CX5 Patented Key Technology

CX5 keys are patented, geographically managed and can only be cut by an authorized dealer when presented with a valid CX5 control card. Keys quite simply cannot be duplicated without the owner's consent.

CX5 Cylinder Special $129.95 Only $119.95*

Special applies only to the Mortise/Rim type cylinders as well as the Deadbolt/Handle type cylinders. For IC (Interchangeable Core) or other types, please call for pricing. (*Includes keying charge. Keys extra.)
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