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Established in 1997 - Celebrating Our 20th Business Anniversary

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With 20 Years Locksmith Experience We Get The Job Done Right

Our expert advice combined with our reasonable rates provides great value for you. Need a lock looked at that is causing you problems? Have you given your key to someone you wish you never had? Require a locksmith to meet the Ontario Sheriff or Bailiff to perform an Etobicoke lockout for you? We provide these services for you efficiently. Your assurance that the job will be done right is in our 20 years experience. Call us for all your lock and security needs.

Some of the services we provide to Etobicoke and the GTA:

  • Etobicoke home and business property opening locksmith.
  • 24 hour lock rekey, repair and replacement.
  • Our locksmith opens your mailbox lock and can replace it.
  • Residential and Commercial Toronto property lockout.
  • Locksmith storefront commercial aluminum door service.
  • Etobicoke commercial and residential lock supply and install.
  • Etobicoke 20 years experience serving Etobicoke and the GTA.
  • Regular locksmith rates 7 days a week from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM.
  • Ontario Sheriff and Ontario Bailiff assisted lockout.
  • Our mobile locksmith provides fast Etobicoke response time to your call.
  • Locksmith Etobicoke fast professional mobile locksmith service.
  • 24 hour reliable friendly Etobicoke service with affordable rates.

Are you locked out of your Etobicoke house, store, office, desk, locker, bedroom or auto?

Have your keys been stolen? Is your lock hard to operate? Do you need a second deadbolt installed on your apartment door? Did you lose your keys? Do you need fast help right now? We respond quick to your emergency. Our locksmith can arrive at your Etobicoke door and have the issue fixed fast.

We Reset Weiser And Kwikset Smartkey Locks That Have Malfunctioned

Do you have a Weiser or Kwikset Deadbolt that uses the new Smartkey technology? Has it stopped working with the key that the lock came with? Our locksmith can reset your lock to the original factory setting and then rekey it to any key you like. We charge ONLY $25.00. + Service Call Charge.

24 Hour Mobile Locksmith Services Provided

Our Locksmith features 24 hour lock re-keys, door openings, aluminum door service, storefront service, keyed alike locks, deadbolts, deadbolt installation and much more. Please see our Services Performed page for further information.

Some Of The Brands Serviced

Some of the brand names our Locksmith re-keys, Schlage, Weiser, Yale, Dexter, Kwikset among others. Our Locksmith Helps You Save Money On Mobile Lock Services And Parts daily with competitive rates!

Key Difficult To Turn? Need To Force Your Key To Lock Your Door?

Almost impossible to lock your deadbolt? Do you find that you have to force your door into your frame to get it locked? Maybe you need to pull the door towards you when locking the deadbolt from the outside? Buildings settle over time. Alignment of frame plates with door locks goes way out of wack. This makes it difficult or just about impossible to lock your door. If you have to put a lot of pressurs on your key to get your door locked, you are putting stress on your key and your deadbolt. Eventually something will break, either your key or one of the many moving parts inside of your deadbolt. You may find yourself locked out with a broken key in your lock. You may also end up having to replace your deadbolt because of a broken part. Before it gets to this, why not call us for help?

Should You Rekey Or Replace Your Residential Deadbolt Lock?

We can either rekey or replace your residential deadbolt lock. It really depends on what grade of lock is on your door. If you have a Grade 3 residential lock, we would recommend that you upgrade to a Grade 2. There are several advantages to having a Grade 2 deadbolt on your door. The Grade 2 deadbolt usually includes a tempered and hardened steel ring that goes around the lock face and stops attacks with ViseGrips®. The cylinder is made of solid brass and contains chambers to hold 6 pins. This makes it a little more challenging to pick the lock. The extended bolt is 1" and has a hardened and tempered steel core making it impossible to cut.

Home, Storefront, Auto & Safe Opening

Are you locked out of your residence, store or auto because of a lock malfunction or a broken, lost or stolen key? Have you locked your keys inside? We can get the door open fast and if need be, make a key. We also open and recombinate safes. If your key is lost or stolen we can rekey your lock to effectively lock anyone out that may have the key. If your key is broken off in the lock, we can remove it and get the door open quickly. Client locked out of their home must provide a valid drivers licence that shows the address to be opened. Store owner must produce a property lease. Auto owner must show a valid ownership.

Moving Into A New House? Have A Professional Locksmith Rekey Your Locks

If you are moving or have just moved into your new house, you should consider having your locks rekeyed by a Professional Locksmith. You really have no idea who might be in possession of the keys to your new home. A lock rekey consists of a locksmith removing the lock from your door and setting it to work with a new and different key. When this process is completed, the old key will not operate the lock. Lock rekey is the most cost effective method of changing the locks on your doors.

Are You A Store Owner Reducing The Size Of Your Staff?

Are you a store owner who is reducing the size of your staff? Do they have the key or keys to your business? You do not need to replace the locks you currently have. The more cost effective option is to have our Locksmith rekey your existing locks. Rekeying is a process where we remove the locks from your doors, disassemble them and set them to a new and different key. Once the rekey process is completed, any keys you have previously given to your employees will no longer operate the locks.

Ontario Sheriff and Bailiff Assisted Lockout

Are you a commercial or residential property owner locking out a tenant for default of rental payment? With our 20 years experience we quickly help secure your rental property for you.
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