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Locksmith Toronto - A BRIEF LOCK HISTORY ~ An Early Pin Tumbler:

               Our 20 Years Experience is your "Assurance of Quality and Expert Workmanship".

The earliest example of the modern pin tumbler lock was found in Egypt.

The lock consisted of a vertical wooden housing containing several loose wooden pegs of varying lengths which fit into holes bored in the top of a wooden bolt.

This prevented the bolt from being moved thereby locking the door.

An oblique slot in the bolt allowed access for a long wooden key with pegs of varying lengths located on one surface and corresponding to the pegs in the vertical housing.

Inserting the proper key into the bolt and lifting lined the pegs inside the housing up evenly at the top of the bolt, allowing the door to be opened.

A Professional Locksmith Can Supply:

  • Heavy-duty residential and commercial grade lock sets that are not available through local retailers.
  • 6 or 7 pin locksets. (more difficult to pick open - local retailers supply strictly 5 pin lock sets)
  • Pick-proof lock pins. (virtually impossible to pick open - not available through local retail outlets)

Service Areas
For the areas of the GTA we provide sevice to, please view our "Areas Serviced" page for further details.

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Locksmith Toronto features lock re-keys, door openings, aluminum door service, storefront service, keyed alike locks, deadbolts, deadbolt installation and much more. Please see our Services Performed page for further information.
Some Of The Brands Serviced
Locksmith Toronto ~ Some brand names we re-key, Schlage, Weiser, Yale, Dexter, Kwikset among others.
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