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Established in 1997 - Celebrating Our 20th Business Anniversary

Our A+ BBB Rating & Our 20 Years Locksmith Experience is your "Assurance of Quality and Expert Locksmith Workmanship"

24 Hour Emergency Locksmith | Residential | Commercial | Auto | Car | Professional Toronto Locksmith Service

About Our Trained Locksmith Professionals

If you require locksmith service then our locksmith is the right choice in Toronto. Our 20 years locksmith experience brings to you, the very best in Residential, Commercial and Automotive locksmith services. You can rest assured that with our locksmith you are in the very best hands. No matter the time of day or night, our highly trained locksmith professionals are ready and able to serve your needs 24 hours. If you have an emergency in Toronto our locksmith can help.

CONSUMER ALERT -> There is "NO" Locksmith Licensing in Toronto or Ontario!

Burglar There is no formal licensing for Locksmiths in the Province of Ontario. Anyone advertising that they are licensed is lying to you in an effort to have you choose their locksmith service over another one. Since there isn't licensing, anyone can claim to be a Locksmith and start their own business. Those who have taken the courses through "The Association of Ontario Locksmiths" will have had a background check run on them by the RCMP to ensure that they have no criminal record prior to the school teaching them. When hiring a Locksmith be cautious because you might be inviting a criminal into your home to provide security for your family and property. Don't hesitate to ask for credentials. When someone successfully completes the initial Locksmithing courses, they are given a TAOL identification card. Ask if it can be produced before arranging a locksmith appointment. Then ask to view it when the locksmith arrives to provide service. You'll be glad you did.

Why Choose Locksmith Toronto?

Our Toronto service provides a rapid response mobile lock and locksmith service. We are the original Locksmith Toronto. Beware, there are many locksmith imitators out there.

We have provided locksmith services to the GTA area for the past 20 years and we perform all our own work. That means when you call us, we do not farm-out our locksmith jobs to other companies. We perform the locksmith services ourselves.

There are many locksmith websites that use a 1-800 number, with a central answering service. These people are not locksmiths nor do they perform the work. They do however piece-out the calls they get to supposed locksmith companies. They then take a percentage of what you pay for referring the work.

Who knows if the supposed locksmith that get the jobs are qualified or even trustworthy? Will their locksmith do a good job?

Are You A Business Owner Downsizing? Our Locksmith Can Help.

Are you letting employees go that have the key to your business? The cost effective solution is to have our Locksmith rekey your existing locks. When rekeying, our locksmith disassembles your locks and sets them to a new key. Our locksmith guarantees that any keys you have previously given to your employees will no longer work the locks.

Toronto 20 Minute Mobile Locksmith Service

We provide 20 minute mobile Locksmith service in Toronto. Speedy Residence, Commercial and Automotive locksmith service. We unlock automotive doors and rekey locks fast. Fast lock mobile response is our specialty. Speedy reliable mobile locksmith service. Low rates with high quality service. Our A+ BBB Rating is your assurance of Quality and Expert locksmith workmanship. Let our mobile locksmith serve you today.

Locksmith Service Removes Broken and Stuck Keys

Have a broken or stuck key in your lock? Our mobile locksmith service removes the key and have the lock working properly for you fast. In most instances, within the first half hour of our arrival. Our locksmith provides the best possible locksmith service.
(416) 429-0075
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About Our Toronto Locksmith Services

Locksmith Services We Offer In Toronto:

  • Fast auto emergency mobile locksmith service.
  • 20 years emergency locksmith experience.
  • Regular locksmith rates daily 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM.
  • Locksmith Toronto unlocks your business door fast.
  • 20 years emergency locksmith experience.
  • Our locksmith service provides 24 Hour Service.
  • Fast response mobile auto locksmith service.
  • Our locksmith removes broken and stuck auto keys.
  • 24 hour locksmith service with low Toronto rates.
  • Emergency residential & commercial locksmith.
  • We open residential commercial and auto doors.
  • Our locksmith service provides reliable service.
  • Speedy mobile locksmith commercial rekey service.
  • 24 hour Toronto storefront door service.
  • Toronto locksmith service mobile automotive.
  • Toronto residential & commercial property lockout.

Our Locksmith accepts payment by Credit Card - VISA, MasterCard, Discover, Diners Club Int., Debit Card and Cash.
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